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公司拥有完善的全球海外代理服务网络功能、国际铁路运输体系和专业物流服务网络,拥有一支勤奋、高效、敬业的员工队伍,具有着丰富的经验和极强的责任心,竭诚为客户提供诚信、专业、优质、安全的全球国际货运代理及第三方物流服务。Inland Transportation
●80 Trucks.
●Gps System for trucks tracing in time.
●Sufficient Insurance for Trucks, Cargoes and Containers.
●Well Trained Drivers.
●Advantage Management Software ( Trucking Management System and Mobile
Phone Application).
●Safety Frist, Vehicles Schedule by Nominated Person, Vehicles Management,
Security Training.
●Agreements with Qingdao Port Authority and Carries such as COSCO, SITC etc.
●Handle I/E Docs / Returned Cargo / Loading Supervise.

Warehousing&Distribution +E-Commerce
● 40,000M2 Warehouses Located in Main Downtown Street.
●Qualification of Prepackaged Foodstuff and Cosmetics by CITB.
●WMS System,Accurately Meticulously Management with Stock Keeping Unit, Cargoes Tracing Available.
●E-Commerce Warehouses with ERP for E-business,Offering Storage, Selection, Package,Inspection,Delivery and Stock Precision Third-party Trusteeship Services.
●Customers and Products: Kohler Bathroom Series,Mikadao Canned,Korean
Koba Accumulator,French Roquette Food Additives, Yinhongde,Imported Food,Imported Wines from world wide,Chemical Products……

Logistic of Cross-border E-commerce
The service of ultimate one-stop e-commerce depends on advantages of years experience of logistic and external trade, also professional agencies all over the world.
Highlights of Service:
1. Cross-border E-commerce for Exporting
a. Local Consolidation-- One-off delivery of all kinds of goods from different
b. Overseas Warehouses -- Storage/ Sorting/ Packing/Labeling/Goods returning &
exchanging for after-sale service
c. Rapid Expressing
d. Shop Registering
2. Cross-border E-commerce for Importing
a. Overseas Warehouses Consolidation
b. Local Cross-border Warehouses-- Storage/ Sorting/ Packing/Labeling/Goods
Returning & Exchanging for after-sale service
c. Rapid Expressing
a.Multimodal transportation
b.Effective coordination with agencies abroad
c.Advanced ERP system
Delivery goods to buyers quickly and economically , thus sellers have sufficient attention to core business -- Product development and sales increasement.
1.Reduction of cost of logistics, improvement of competition of sellers.
2.Shorten time of expressing, motivate buyers’ motivation of purchasing.
3.Cargoes are delivered to overseas warehouses in traditional modal of trade & logistic in order to reduce risks of Customs clearance.
4.Sellers remote control whole process of warehousing and delivering, and manage the virtual logistics chain actively.

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