Services we offer

 We provide the combination of sea and air freight services to meet the special needs of our customers to transport cargo from Hong Kong and Mainland China by boat to a transshipment centre such as Dubai,Vancouver and Los Angeles etc.. for re-handle to final destination by air freight.This is one of the fastestand cost effective ways to shio cargoes.It can reduce high airfreight costs and shorten the lead time by sea freight.


Airport to Airport

 The group is next to Qingdao harbor with great geographically position. We can provide customers with prompt logistic information. We have professional team for inspection declaration and Customs declaration to provide customers with the latest commodity inspection and Customs’ regraulation and prompt service. Several large vehicle companies are cooperating with us to provide land carriage service of bulk cargo and containers.  


Sea Services

 Our services include:


Our Services Including

 Importer / Exporter of Records (IOR/EOR)

•  Jointac can provide IOR / EOR services to its customers


Service Coverage

 We become fully fledged after years of hard working.Solid business relationship has been constructed with dozens of container shipping lines all over the world, especially with UASC/OOCL/CMA/RCL/MSK/EMC/PIL/ZIM/MOL/HANJIN/COSCO/WANHAI,etc .We have competitive power serving you on Southern Asia,Middle- east ,India and Pakistan,Red sea ,North Africa and the Black sea .



 南沙动态:严查  严查 ,因为政府强推1039市场采购贸易方式,要停掉目前“旅游购物方式”导致严查,报关行和政府都需要时间来适应新的方式,所以做好心里准备,此时普货清单要求更细更精准!暂停敏感类货物,请知悉!