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 Bonded Warehousing with Post Clearance Capabilities in Shanghai and Beijing

•  As in all Bonded Warehousing schemes, Customs Duties are deferred whilst the inventory is stored in Jointac's Bonded Warehouses
•  An additional and critical feature of Jointac's Bonded License is “Post Clearance”; whereby all outbound transactions from Bonded
 warehouses are pre-approved and are accessible 24 x 7
•  Customs clearance formalities and documentation for these outbound transactions will be submitted on a weekly or monthly basis
•  Customs Duties are only paid during the submission of documentation at the pre-agreed period, thus improving cash flow.
•  Inventory in Bonded Warehouse is also allowed to be shipped quickly internationally without having to wait for clearance. This is an
 improvement over traditional Bonded Warehousing schemes where formal customs clearance are required 
Non Bonded Warehousing
•  For clients that prefer to prepay the Customs Duties and VAT, Jointac also offers Non Bonded warehousing with the same facility,
 whereby the inventory are considered to be “Free Circulation”
•  Duty paid goods can be stored at the Jointac warehouse for flexible usage in local and domestic distribution
Importer / Exporter of Records (IOR/EOR)
•  Jointac can provide IOR / EOR services to its customers
•  The Importer of Record is responsible for clearance of the goods through Customs in accordance with applicable Customs
 regulations and for payment of all Customs fees and duties
•  The determination of which party has the Importer of Records responsibility is governed by the terms of the purchase order or agreement covering the purchase of the goods 
Consultancy and application support for
•  Customs Policy
•  Trade Compliance
•  Relocation of Warehouses
•  China Compulsory Certificate (CCC)
•  Mechanical & Machinery Product Automatic Import License (MME)
•  Temporary Borrow
•  In Warranty Handling / Replacement
Domestic and International Transportation Network
•  2 hours Delivery
•  4 Hours Delivery
•  Next Business Day Delivery
•  Scheduled Delivery
•  International Shipments
•  Next Flight Out (NFO)
•  Hand Carry
•  Transportation Planning and Optimization 

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