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Our professional businesses include international railway transportation, transit railway transportation, ocean and air transportation of import and export cargos, customs clearance and port storage and distribution service. We are a competitive and dynamic first-class freight forwa- -rder which always pursues better service and tries to keep pace with the times. Our service covers all major stations, mainly in the Pe- -arl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta region, offering more professional and exquisite service to the clients. Besides, we have strong advantage in transit railway transport, wagon transport, special large cargo transport and reloading in border. We provide the clients with so- -lutions in the whole transportation process through our perfect global service system and innovative service concept.

  We have an excellent employees managed by seasoned professional experience in the industry . in the market research & development , containers’ evaluation , document  preparation  & signature, freight calculation , and marine route design ect , we also can offer you credible guarantees for transportation by right of our knowledgable employees with professional experience and good coordination

     Now , our business is just from single INT'L sea freight , air freight  reached  to  in-exporting insurance , custom clearance , inspection documentation , documentation preparation , transportation , stuffing /unstuffing  .

     We also can offer the custom clearance , the delivery , tax paid service of any destination port of the world

     We offers a complete range of service s for transportation of in-export cargo by sea , air and land , including space booking ,transportation ,warehousing , install and dismantle containers, custom clearance , insurance, inland conveyance, multiform traffic service, and the relevant business consultation service. 

In INT'L sea transportation service, our preponderant sea route is each harbor of Europe, Middle East, and Red Sea, with very specification services for you according to the price contracted with several ship companies.

     In INT'L air transportation, our preponderant flight path is each open ports in those big cities of Europe, Middle East, India and Pakistan, South America, especially for the flight paths to London and Frankford.

     In overseas act for the network service, we have powerful agential network around the world, providing Chinese exporters with overall and thoughtful service at the destination on clearance,delivering and distributing goods, also pay for the tariff.

     Ten years’ experience in bulk and project transportation industry, to provide global transportation service from main sea ports of China. Main commodity is equipment, machinery, construction, special vehicles, steel pipes. Lucky-Link has a rich experience in large cargo professional team, its members are from the big shipping companies, port and container yard, not only has many years of practical experience in heavy cargo, but also from the owner to the wharf and other relevant units to rich human resources, can provide customers with the most secure binding and shipment plan, emergency processing the most rapidly, the most attentive service!

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